Life Tributes Funeral Home & Cremation Service is honored and privileged to sponsor Dr. Janice Nadeau, an internationally recognized expert in the field of death, dying and bereavement.

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Public Presentation

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

6 PM to 8:30 PM

Hotel Marshfield

2700 S. Central Avenue, Marshfield, WI 54449


If you or someone you care about has suffered the loss of a loved one, then this program is for you. We will examine the nature of loss, how grief can heal, and how to help ourselves and others in times of loss. Special attention will be paid to how grief occurs in the context of the family.

Professional Workshop

Thursday, September 21, 2023

8 AM to 12 PM

Hotel Marshfield

2700 S. Central Avenue, Marshfield, WI 54449

Professional Workshop directed to:

Behavioral Health Professionals, Case Managers, Clergy, Counselors, Educators, Funeral Directors, Healthcare Professionals, Hospice Providers, Program Directors, Social Workers


Few events impact families more than death of a family member. Yet, scarce attention is paid to what goes on inside grieving families. In this presentation, we will use family theory, research and practice knowledge to demonstrate the value of a family-focused approach to understanding and helping.

Dr. Janice Nadeau, PhD, LP, LMFT, RN, FT

Dr. Janice Nadeau is an internationally recognized expert in the field of death, dying, and bereavement. Her ground-breaking research on how families make sense of the death of a family member has drawn attention from both scholars and front-line practitioners around the world for three decades. Her book, Families Making Sense of Death, published by Sage in 1998, has become a classic. As a Ph.D. Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist and Nurse Clinical Specialist, Dr. Nadeau’s knowledge and skills cut across disciplines. Her roles have included hospice nurse, college faculty, researcher, grief educator, marriage and family therapist, psychotherapist and author.

Dr. Nadeau is the recipient of many honors including a Bush Leadership Fellowship in 1984, The Distinguished Service of Families Award from the Minnesota Marriage and Family Therapy Association in 1999 and the Clinical Practice Award from the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) in 2005. In 1995, she was invited to membership in The International Work Group on Death, Dying and Bereavement, an invitation-only organization of scholars who meet in different countries around the world every two years.

Dr. Nadeau has presented her research and clinical practice techniques in multiple sites abroad including the University of Kyoto, Japan, The University of Bologna, Italy and eight sites in Australia and New Zealand. She was faculty for ADEC’s Professional Development course, Advanced Grief Therapy, for six years.

Dr. Nadeau has been in private practice at Minnesota Human Development Consultants in Minneapolis since 1994 and at Compass Mental Health in Stillwater since 2018. Since the pandemic, she has maintained a full-time virtual practice.