Funeral Merchandise

We offer a variety of different products. Please contact us to see our availability.


Caskets are available in a wide array of colors and styles. We have a selection of both steel and wood caskets all reasonably priced. Caskets can be customized with a personalized panel with a wide array of graphics, and desired personal information.


A vault is not required by law. However, with a burial service, cemeteries normally require a burial receptacle for the casket so that the grave will not sink. This receptacle can be a vault (sealing) or a grave liner (non-sealing). We will arrange for the vault or grave liner of your choice.



There are many styles, colors, and materials available (marble, wood, brass, porcelain, keepsake pendants, sheet bronze, biodegradable, photo shadow box, and photo framed canvas)



Cremation Jewelry can hold a small portion of cremation remains, a lock of hair, or dried cermonial flowers.


Monuments & Markers

We are an authorized agent of Lifetime Memorials. Lifetime Memorials designer and engraver have more than 60 years combined experience in the monument industry. The monuments are made of the highest quality granite and are fully guaranteed.


Comfort Baskets

Comfort Baskets are a unique and tasteful option when sending thoughts and condolences to families grieving the loss of a loved one. The baskets can be customized to individual preferences. See below for the list of cheeses and miscellaneous items.
Please call Life Tributes Funeral Home at 715.659.4545 to order a gift basket.
Local Delivery is available.

Click HERE to print a Comfort Basket Flyer.

Milano Crunch Almond Slices
Miniature Cow Pies
Beef & Honey Ham Sticks
Rubi Reds Cranberry Trail Mix
Cheese Curds
Muenster, Cheddar, Marble Jack, Monterey Jack, & Bellavitano Cheese

Milano Crunch Almond Slices
Miniature Cow Pies
Beef or Honey Ham Sticks
Rubi Reds Cranberry Trail Mix
Cheese Curds
Muenster, Cheddar, 
& Marble Jack Cheese

Rubi Reds Cranberry Trail Mix
Miniature Cow Pies
String Cheese
Cheese curds
Beef or Honey Ham Sticks
Marble Jack
& Muenster Cheese

Cheese List
Abergele Cheese with Onion and Chives
Abergele Portabella Mushroom and Chive
Traditional Abergele
Aged Swiss
Baby Colby
Baby Swiss
Bacon Cheese
Blue Cheese
Blue Marble with Pepper
Blueberry White Cheddar
Buffalo Wing
Caerphilly Welsh Miner’s Cheese
Caraway Jack
Cello Brick 
Cheese and Sausage Nibbles
Cheese Curd
Cheese Spread (Sharp Cheddar, Port Wine or
Chocolate Fudge Cheese
Colby Longhorn
Cranberry Cheese
Dark Beer Cheese
Dill Cheese
Extra Sharp Cheddar
Farmer’s Cheese
Feta with Basil and Tomato
Garlic and Herb Cheese
Havarti with Caraway
Havarti with Dill
Havarti with Jalapeno
Horseradish Cheese
Juusto™ Baked Cheese
Marble Jack
Medium Cheddar 
Mild Cheddar 
Mild Colby
Monterey Jack 
Mozzarella Cheese Whips
Olive Jack
Onion and Chive Cheese 
Parmesan (Ungrated)
Parmesan Bellavitano® Cheese (Plain, Merlot,
Raspberry, or Balsamic) 
Pepper Jack
Pepperoni Marble Jack
Pizza Cheese 
Plain Feta
Salami Cheese
Salsa Jack Cheese
Sharp Cheddar
12 year old Cheddar 
2 year old Cheddar
3 year old Cheddar
4 year old Cheddar 
6 year old Cheddar
7 year old Cheddar 
Smoked Cheddar
Smoked Gouda
String Cheese (Plain or Smoked) 
Veggie Jack 
Apple Salsa (16oz)
Black Bean and Corn Salsa (16oz)
CäPeachio’s® Wheat Crackers (4.4oz) 
Cheese Slicer
Cow Tale® Candy (Single Serving)
Huber Jam’s (20oz- Bumbleberry, Blackberry, 
Keebler® Butter Crackers (4oz)
Mini Cow Pie® Candy (Single Serving)
Pepperidge Farms® Milano Cookies 
Pinah’s Rye Chips (7oz)
Pure Maple Syrup (20oz)
Pure Natural Honey (16oz)
Salt Water Taffy (≈ 8oz)
Strawberry, Blueberry, or Raspberry) 
Trail Mix (≈ 6oz)

Meat List
Beef Snack Sticks (8oz)
Honey Ham Sticks (8oz) 
Summer Sausage (≈1 lb – Plain or Garlic)